An Arab EmTech Conference Sponsorship means business!

More than half of Arab EmTech Conference attendees are Top-Level Managers from leading brands, agencies, state Customers, and municipal institutions. This is your target audience.

Arab EmTech & Startups Conference is an ideal platform to implement Your tasks!

If the company's plans:

    • To mark the company’s involvement in the theme of the conference
    • To demonstrate competence and professionalism in a particular segment
    • To indicate the position of management with respect to new market trends
    • And legislative initiatives in the presence of leading industry players
    • To take the initiative to unite, create, address…
    • To announce the launch of a new program, product, action
    • To attract the attention of investors  to the projects of the company
    • To show a new image of the company after restyling or rebranding

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