Arab EmTech Conference Media Partnership

We are on the lookout for media companies, membership organizations and educational institutions that are interested in partnering with Arab EmTech & Startups Conference to promote global marketing awareness in general and generate ‘buzz’ for all parties involved. As a Media Partner would we seek your assistance with outreach and PR activities. In return, we offer exposure through our Middle East & global network online and at the event, as well as offering a special registration rate for your members, readers and/or subscribers.

What are the benefits of becoming a Media Partner?

  •  Gain direct exposure of your brand to senior industry executives and major sector players within various industries as well as high numbers of visitors and delegates
  •  Increased brand awareness by inclusion in pre, during and post-conference marketing efforts
  •  Enhance the profile of your brand by association with our prestigious Conferences
  •  Get access exclusive to our high-quality press conferences with complimentary press passes
  •  Benefit from having your logo promoted on key Arab EmTech & Startups Conference materials and on event website
  •  Generate quality content for editorials at our conferences
  •  Secure the opportunity to distribute your publications at Arab EmTech & Startups Conference
  •  Payless to enter Arab EmTech & Startups Conference discounts and offers for your members
Additional questions, other joint marketing initiatives or an have an idea you want to suggest?
Just contact us here: [email protected] to discuss the possibilities.

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