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Speaker Proposals Now Being Accepted

Want to Speak at Arab EmTech & Startups Conference ?

Do you have a great idea for a presentation or know a colleague who does? If so, now is the time to submit a proposal, to help us create a stellar 2020 conference.

WE HAVE TOP Customers EXECUTIVE , Partners, Vendors AND Startups shearing their experience

Here’s our content wish list for the 2020 conference. If you’re an expert in one or more of these areas we want to hear from you! These are some of the areas we plan to cover.

We’re also open to your ideas. Tell us how YOU see the industry being transformed, and how you’d like to talk about it. Presenting at Arab EmTech & Startups Conference is a terrific way to gain industry recognition from your peers!

Online Proposal Submission Form
Instructions, Requirements and Helpful Hints

If you wish to make a presentation proposal, please complete and submit the following form in its entirety, as only complete forms will be considered.  

NOTE: Before completing your submission, be certain to review the following important submission requirements, as well as the full list of requirements and restrictions at the bottom of this page:

Complete the form below in its entirety.

If you have more than one idea, please submit a separate proposal for each. The system might “time out” (and you’ll lose your data) if form completion takes more than 10 minutes. Consider copying and pasting from an MS-Word document for the more detailed questions.

Submit your proposal by clicking the “Submit” button at the bottom. A “thank you” message will appear; this is your confirmation the form was successfully submitted.

You must be available to deliver your presentation during the conference

You are strictly prohibited from making sales pitches, sharing pricing and revenue-share information, and conveying negative comments about other organizations and/or products—whether verbally or written within a presentation. 

Presentation content must not violate copyright laws; for example, do not include graphics (e.g., cartoons, company logos) or content created by others without appropriate permission from the creator or author.

If your session is selected, the organizers may include your organization’s logo in the conference app. The logo may be downloaded from your website unless you provide your logo with your session template.

All speakers are required to complete and sign a formal standard one page “Speaker Agreement” (it will be sent to you after submitting below form)

Submitting on behalf of someone else? Please complete the proposal form using the speaker’s contact information, then include your name, organization, daytime telephone number and email address in the field titled, “Non-Presenter Contact Info”.

Contact  at [email protected]  if you have questions.

Thank you for your interest in speaking at the Arab EmTech & Startups Conference. We look forward to reviewing your submission


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